Here is Noida which is the name of city near New Delhi.
Everyday I meet many Indians and these guys are working in my company as a IT staffs.
In Korea, it`s very easy to order or instruct someone to do something.
But in India, it`s not easy.
They need accurate instructions.
I know that is better way than we do in Korea.
If the instructions are not clear, it would be higher to make mistake.
Porblem is that we meet situation that can`t order exactly.
They do nothing in this case.

I`m so confusion.
How can it be clear everytime?

India is not advanced country but through ruling period by England,
they learned this kinds of advanced way of thinking.
It may be cultural difference between Korea and advanced country.
So, I should be familiar with this.
It`s not easy. But I should.

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Posted by 노피디

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